Our Partners

A professional network as well as an exchange of expertise are crucial to our work. Thus, we are connected to several organisations through membership, representation in their committees or constant and intensive dialogue:

  • BBSR - Federal Institute for Building, Urban Affairsand Spatial Research, Bonn
  • BBA - Academy of Real Estate Management, Berlin
  • GEWOS - Institute for Housing, Real Estate, Urban and Regional Development, Berlin/Hamburg
  • IfS - ifs Institute of Urban Development, Housing Industry and Home Savings, Berlin
  • iwp - Insitute for Economic Policy, University of Cologne
  • IRB - Fraunhofer Information Centre for Planning and Building, Stuttgart
  • IWO - Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe e.V., Berlin
  • Kompetenzzentrum Großsiedlungen e.V., - A Competence Center for large-scale estates, Berlin
  • PROM des Jahres - An initiative of "RWE Energieleistungen GmbH", Dortmund
  • Urbanicom - The German Association for Urban Development and Trade, Berlin