We meet economic, social and ecologic challenges

Since 1946, the German Association for Housing, Urban and Spatial Development (DV) is engaged with fundamental questions and future perspectives of urban planning, spatial development, housing and real estate economy. The issues, the association is dealing with, are e.g. demographic, structural and social change, sustainable urban development, realisation of the energy transition, and financing real estate, infrastructure and urban development.

Its about 400 members come from the public sector (e.g. federal ministries, federal states, cities), the private sector (e.g. real estate industry, construction industry, architects and planners), as well as from the civil society (e.g. property owners, tenants, unions, foundations). The members contribute to the association’s work with their varied perspectives, interests and experiences.

DV’s activities are diverse: In different working groups, the members exchange their views and develop position papers. Furthermore, DV is organizing conferences, expert workshops and network meetings, in order to bring together representatives from politics, administration, economics and research for an open and critical dialogue. With its committees and studies, DV provides the basis for its recommendations, which are addressed to politicians and practitioners. Being involved in many different projects and networks, DV is actively engaged on national and European level.

As an independent political consultancy, the association contributes to the political discourse with its ideas and the results of its work – apart from day-to-day politics and legislative periods. This makes DV an interesting partner – not only for federal and regional ministries, but also for the European Commission.

DV is dealing with concrete local integrated urban development approaches, as well as with future topics on federal level. Furthermore, the association has been accompanying European politics with its office in Brussels for many years now, especially as to the regional and structural funding. DV is familiar with the funding structures and has experiences for many years with European cooperation projects. With this knowledge, DV actively contributes to the drafting of the European regulations and to the development and implementation of the European transnational and regional programmes. The association is closely connected to decision-makers in the European Commission and in the European Parliament.

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