Working Group: ifs Housing Property

The members of the working group ifs Housing Property discuss under the leadership of the German Association for Housing current developments on the housing market and federal plans regarding home ownership. The discussions focus on the issues of housing policies, urban development, real estate and land policies, and financing. Oda Scheibelhuber, former Head of Ministerial Department in the Federal Ministry of Transport, Construction and Urban Development holds the chairmanchip.

The working group is a part of the „ifs Institute of Housing Property“ 

established in a joint effort by the German Association for Housing and six other associations. It continues the work of the well-known „ifs Institut für Städtebau, Wohnungswirtschaft und Bausparwesen“, an institute dealing with urban development, housing industry and home savings, that was dissolved in 215.

Home ownership is crucial for a stable urban environment. Apart from fulfilling homeowners dreams and  wishes it is an integral part of the accumulation of assets and the pension scheme. Housholds owning real estate are therefore much more likely to own higher assets than housholds that are renting. Especially in times of tight housing space in urban areas, the topic "housing property" can not be overstated.

It is imperative to move real estate and housing property back into the focus of urban development and social policies. It is also important to not exclude the rental housing market in that process. Because it is the mix of different types of living that accounts for an overall stable housing market in Germany.

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