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Upcoming events

The German Association for Housing organises of many different events with different partners. Here, you can find a detailed list of upcomming conferences, workshops and conventions the German Association for Housing is currently involved in.

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Europe's Cities Fit For Future

On September 3. / 9. / 18. 2020, the German Association for Housing, Urban and Spatial Development organizes together with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community the online video-conference "Fit For Future". In the year of the German EU council Presidency, the COVID-19 pandemics and in anticipation of the New Leipig Charter which will be adopted in the end of 2020, the participants will debate what cities and regions need to use their transformative power and implemen integrated urban development at all spatial levels.

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Annual Conferences

Our annual meetings take place in a different city every year. After internal committee meetings and elections, a high-ranking conference is followed. The conference adresses current issues in the field of housing and spatial planning. At last an guided excursion is offered for the attending guests.

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ifs Housing Policy Forum

In the tradition of "ifs Institute of Urban Planning, Housing and the Field of Home Savings" the German Association for Housing along with members of the German parlament continue the annual political meeting every autumn. The topics are usually home ownership and urban challenges assiciated with it.

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More Acceptance of Housing Construction Projects

More affordable housing is needed to provide all people with an accomodation. But often the acceptance for residential constructions is lacking. To sensitize the public about these issues, in 2017 two conferences under the titel "More Acceptance of Housing Construction Projects" were held in Cologne and Nuremberg.

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