Sustainable mobilisaton of building land and land policy

DV as coordination office for commission of experts

The Federal Government wants to achieve 1.5 million newly built dwellings until 2021. In this regard, building land is an important factor, as it is not sufficient available in most urban areas. Additionally, the prices for building land - especially in inner-city locations - have reached such a high level that affordable housing cannot be achieved without massive subsidies. This causes a negative impact on the social mixture in city districts, as also the rents and the prices for existing apartments are rising significantly. Extending the range of building land will not be sufficient to cut the property prices.

In September 2018 the commission of experts "Sustainable Mobilisation of Building Land and Land Policy" was launched by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community. Until mid-2019, the experts developed recommendations for a better and faster mobilisation of properties for housing. It is the task of the commission to link practical experience, expert-knowledge and policy in an open dialogue. In order to do so, they will first evaluate the current state and then examine and push further measures. The German Association for Housing, Urban and Spatial Development acted as coordination office for the expert commission.

Faster proceedings, mobilisation of unused properties and land at preferential conditions

In order to broaden the range of building land and to facilitate affordable housing, the experts are facing three major challenges: First of all it is important to accelarate and simplify proceedings of site development. Second, unused inner-city land and private undeveloped properties have to be mobilised. Third, an active building land policy has to make sure that a certain part of the building land is made available at special conditions for affordable housing. Different tools and methods to reach these goals are under discussion in the commission. 

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